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“Back in the Room: Audition Preparation for In-person Auditions”

A monthly voice class to test your audition material and get feedback from fellow performers and industry professionals. Each workshop will provide audition pianists along with special guests from casting and management agencies.

"Vocal Bootcamp: Getting your voice in shape"

Strategies for getting your voice and body into optimal condition through vocal exercises, flexibility exercises for the body and mind and body alignment work.

"Building a Cabaret Workshop"

Want to build your own cabaret but don’t know how? This session will discuss everything from writing and preparing the show to booking the space and promoting your act. Top cabaret professionals will be joining me.

"The singing actor"

This workshop focuses on the relationship between the lyric and the singer. We will look at how the lyric informs the music and the voice, allowing the actor to connect fully with the material and with the audience.

“Telling my story: POV song preparation for LGQBTQIA+, non-binary and non-gender conforming performers”

This workshop is designed for any singer wanting to reflect who they are, and to communicate their story, by adapting standard repertoire. This is a welcoming, safe space for LGBTQIA+, non-binary, and non-gender conforming performers to develop their voice and explore songs and stories.

“Vocal Health for the Fitness Professional”

This workshop is geared toward fitness professionals, individual trainers, or class instructors who experience vocal fatigue or damage while working. We will work on building a healthy voice and developing strategies to allow you to be an effective class leader while using your voice with optimal efficiency and limited fatigue and damage.

“Vocal health and maintenance for the singing dancer”

Here, we explore the unique physical requirements of dancing in comparison to those needed for singing. We will explore the typical differences in posture, breathing and support between the two disciplines and work on strategies that will allow the performer to maintain the highest levels of proficiency in both.

College Musical Theater (MT)
Audition Program

This program is designed to supplement your work with your current voice teacher. If you don’t have a voice teacher, please reach out for an individualized program.

MT University Program Audition coaching – this is for high school students who are preparing for Music Theater programs across the country. All sessions and workshops will be available in person and via Zoom. Zoom sessions will require accompaniment tracks: you can use your own tracks, or I have pianists available to record any that you require.

Customize your instruction to your needs:

  • 1 Session -- $110 in person, $85 online
  • 4 Session Package -- $375 in person; $300 online
  • Complete College Audition Package – 4 coaching sessions, preparation of audition cuts, including printed arrangements of final material, attendance at one workshop with a representative from a major MT program, custom rehearsal tracks for your finalized cuts and full review of your school’s requirements.  $850

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